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Do you dream having a clean front and back yards, or having your own vegetablegarden but do not know how to start? We can help! We offer integral gardening services:

  • Front & back yards clean ups

  • Mulching

  • Old and dead plants removal

  • New plants installation

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Gardening beds set up (we build beds, fill with compost and mulch, install drip irrigation systems, help take care of plants, and provide maintenance if needed).

  • And more!

Submit a request for a totally free assessment of your outdoor space. We will stop by to listen to your ideas, if any, and to assess the potential of your yard. Then we will share a quote, totally free of charge and no engagement expected. 

Questions? We will be happy to talk to you on the chat.

Our values:


  • We are gardening in an echosystem, not against it, so wo do not use any chemical substances to kill weeds or pests.

  • Noises, gas smells, and smokes are terrible for you, for us, and for your neighbors. We use hand and battery powered tools to reduce our impact in your community and to reduce pollution.

  • As clients, we hate paying for hourly fees, so we do not charge per hour of work to our clients. We will stop by your home, discuss your project with you and will negotiate a price based on the size and amount of items that you want to have done. 

  • Our quotes include the full and final price of the service. We won't surprise you with extra fees not mentioned before. Once you accept a quote, we will set up a Service Agreement for you to sign, and that will be the price to pay upon completion of the service.

  • Gardening is not only our job, but a hobby, and we do not want to make the experience of making business with you uncomfortable. This is why we will listen to your ideas, share ours, talk about the options that fit best your budget, and are open to negotiate our prices and services until we find what you need.

Book an assessment below and discover our services. We are looking forward to working with you!

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