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Welcome to Hobby Gardening!


We are a small business located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, and our passion is growing food for fun and sharing them with you :)

While our primary focus revolves around cultivating herbs and flowers for our distinctive tea blends and rare vegetable varieties that are seldom found in typical grocery stores, we also provide gardening services to help you have the backyard garden that you always dreamed. Imagine peppers with a subtle hint of apricot and melon or the delightful flavor of white or long eggplants... you can only find them in home gardens!

For our neighbors in the South East Michigan Area, we can be found at various Farmers Markets. And for those who prefer a more personal touch, we process online orders through this website and offer doorstep delivery in nearby areas and shipping worldwide. 

Explore our website for information on upcoming shows where you can meet us in person or conveniently place your orders online. 

Thank you for choosing to eat responsibly. Your support allows us to continue doing what we love and sharing the fruits of our labor with you.

Álvaro, from Hobby Gardening

Organic gardener in Ypsilanti, MI
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